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Me, myself and I

Hi there

Hi ! I am a 26 year old UI designer, graduated from HETIC Web School in 2012 and majored in web design.

After two years working for Smile Digital - a french web agency that focuses on user experience - and 1 years working as freelancer between Reunion island and Paris, i'm moving to the most IT city in the world : Seoul, South Korea ! I considering myself as a user needs designer with graphic skills, aspiring front-end developer.

The cross section of designing and coding really appeal to me, and I am working towards improving my skills in that area.

Sometimes im also blogging ! >> Find me on Medium

Take a look to my last side project : A collection of UX transitions and animations found everywhere human embraces digital >> DrifX.co


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Axure 6.0



I've worked for

I'm available for freelance, let's talk !

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